The Eisteddfod and new work.

With the National Eisteddfod of Wales taking place locally this year it seemed an ideal opportunity to exhibit my work at this important event in the Welsh calendar. I will be showcasing and selling my work at the Made in Monmouthshire marquee.

With this in mind the workshop was an industrious place today. Both Deb (Deborah Edwards, creator of this years crown) and I are concentrating our efforts on making new work for the Eisteddfod. Earlier this year I visited The National Wool Museum as part of my research project. On the way I also dropped in to see Jane Beck at her Emporium. What a fabulous collection of Welsh blankets!  Jane has an amazing knowledge of Welsh textiles after years of research, talking to weavers and owners of Carthen and studying these beautiful cloths. It was a fabulous weekend and a visual feast, a definite must for textile lovers.

These visits have lead me to explore a new series of enamels based on the Welsh textile industry. They continue my interest in repetition and multiples but look more specifically at weaving and it’s manufacture. I find the  weaving industry fascinating especially as it is connected with my own family history. Timmy Feather was one of the last hand loom cotton twill weavers in Lancashire and a relative. There is even a folk song written about him!

I have plenty of work to complete for the Eisteddfod but I am pleased with the direction my work is taking so far.

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